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What steps do I need to use to solve this atomic structure problem?

Which element is being referred to? Explain your answer.
E1  577.4 kJ/mol
E2   1,816 kJ/mol
E3.   2,744 kJ/mol
E4.   11,580 kJ/mol
E5.    15,048 kJ/mol
Answer Choices:
A) Na
B) Mg
C) Al 
D) Si 
E) P 

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This looks like a list of ionization energies for an element.  Look up the ionization energies of the elements in units of kJ/mol.  You should find that the ionization energies of Al come close to these values, although E5 is somewhat higher than the tabulated value for Al.  I suggest Al, which is answer (C). 


You are welcome, Adrianna.  But could you double-check the value of E5?  It is the only one that seems to be off.