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What are some culture ideas that I could write in a report

So in this assignment, You and a team of anthropologists have just come across a new culture. As I observe and learn about this exciting new discovery, my anthropological team is paying particular attention to the following areas of this new culture:
So I picked these two new cultures that in bold below:
  • Language and Communication
  • Familial roles and Marriage practices
  • Gender Roles
  • Influences of the Media
  • Rites of Passage
  • Justice System
My Task:
  • create and present a report on a culture that has just been discovered by a group of anthropologists (you)
  • I'm inventing a new culture. and the report should describe the culture by covering the appropriate areas of the culture listed above. (the new culture that I and my partner chose is culture that loves Movies)
  • Each group member needs to be from a particular anthropological field or school of thought (I chose to be an Ethnologist) and describe the new culture from that perspective. For each area of the culture, the following questions must be answered
  1. What is the purpose or function of this part of the culture?
  2. What are the direct and indirect rules that must be followed?
  3. How does technology affect this culture?
  4. How does this part of their culture compare to that in our society?
So my question is how do I start this assignment? I'm confused and have no idea what to write

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