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How would you simplify this:(x + 3y - 5z) - (x - 2y + 6z)I need assistance on solving

How would I simplify this equation, where do I start?

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It appears that all they want you to do is to distribute the negative sign through the second parentheses and combine like terms. It would turn into:

x +  3y - 5Z - x + 2y - 6Z

Combine all the x's, all the y's and all the z's, and write the expression: 

5Y - 11Z

Isn't that cool the way that the opposite signs on the x's make them disappear?

This is not an equation - there's no equal sign, right?  We can't actually solve to get values for the variables. Is that what was confusing you? 

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By the order of operations, multiplication comes before addition. The (x-2y+6z) is being mulitplied by -1, so distribute that through first. Then remember that addition is commutative and you can add/subtract like terms together, for example  3y + 4y = 7y.

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x + 3y - 5z - x + 2y - 6z
5y -11z