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How do you solve this 64/w=, w(9-5) solve for the value of w=___

Its algebra and math and i need help thank you 

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Hi there! I want to demonstrative this problem step by step.  There are several steps that you can skip but I'm going step by step so that everything makes sense:

Given 64/w = w(9-5) - start by simplifying inside the parenthesis and you get:
64/w = w(4) - then use the distributive property to get:
64/w = 4w - now you'll want to get the "w" out of the denominator by multiplying by its reciprocal which is "w"
(w)(64/w) = 4w(w) - the "w's" then cancel out
64 = 4w- divide both sides by 4
16 = w- Since w= 16, we need to find the value of "w" only; in order to do that, you have to find the square root of 16
The square root of 16 is 4, therefore w = 4


Good answer, but you forgot that w = -4 would also be a valid solution.