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if 1920 tyres were shipped in February, calculate the total number of tyres shipped. january 1/20,March 3/10 and April 1/4

a company ordered new tyres from china. the tyres were shipped over a period at 4 months as shown in the table below.
January- 1/20
February- 2/5
March- 3-10
April- remainder 
a) what fraction of the tyres was shipped in April?
b) if, 1920 were shipped in february , calculate the total number of tyres shipped

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We have to assume that of the total shipped, 2/5 of them were shipped in February, and that was 1,920.
(2/5)x = 1920 tells us that x = 2.5(1920) = 4,000 ... total number of tires shipped.
All of the fractions for these four months must add up to 1.
Therefore the April fraction is 1 - 1/20 - 2/5 - 3/10 and YOU CAN DO THAT.