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a worldview shapes a civilization art, architecture, literature, music, and other culture artifacts

true or false 

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A worldview is a particular philosophy of life and/or conception of the world. It can shape the indicated particularly if the worldview is completely accepted by the civilization (whatever that may mean).
The question is just to broad/vague for a true or false.
Arturo O. | Experienced Physics Teacher for Physics TutoringExperienced Physics Teacher for Physics ...
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TRUE.  A worldview is a set of beliefs about the big questions in life, such as understanding ultimate reality, who we are, the meaning of life, how we should live, what is our ultimate destiny, and other big questions.  The prevailing worldview of a particular civilization invades every aspect of its life and culture, including art, architecture, literature, and music.  This answer presupposes that the particular civilization in question does indeed have a worldview widely shared by its people.