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how many solutions are there for pair of equations y=0 and y=5 and why?explain it

plz explain the solution in brief and show the solutions step wise.

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y cannot be both 0 and 5 at the same time; these equations contradict each other, so that 'system' has NO solution.
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Hi Adharsh:
y = 0
y = 5
These are both horizontal lines, parallel to each
other.  As such there is no crossing point,
or point in common, thus the system has no
Put the lines in slope intercept format:
y = mx + b, m=slope, b = y-intercept.
If the slope is the same they are parallel.
If they are parallel and the y-inercept
is different, the lines never cross.
y = 0
y = 0x + 0
m = 0, b = 0
y = 5
y = 0x + 5
m = 0, b = 5
Same slope, different y-intercept.  No solutions.
The same is immediately true of a vertical line
of form x = n  where n is some number.
This is a vertical line, straight up and down.  
If we have two lines, x = a, x = b and 
a and b are different the lines never cross.