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For a water rate of $1.35 per 1000 gallons of water used, what is the water bill if a resident uses 32,900 gallons?

I'm stuck on how to set up an equation for this problem to solve for the answer. 
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1 Answer

You need to set up a proportion.
In proportion symbols
$1.35 : 1000 gal :: ? : 32,900 gal
So solve for the unknown by
multiplying the outside and multiply the inside and setting equal to each other
$1.35 x 32,000 gal  =   ? x 1000 gal
Of in algebraic symbols
$1.35 per 1000 Gal  is ? per 32,900 gal
$1.35/1000 gal = x/32,000 gal
solve for X.Hopefully you can see you get the same equation either way.