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The second of two numbers is 6 less than 4 times the first number. The sum of the first and second number is 14. Find the numbers

I need to know how to set up the problem, and how to solve it 
thank you :) 
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1 Answer

Good evening. The first statement can be written mathematically this way: y=4x-6
The second part can be written as x+y=14
If you substitute the first for the second (the 4x-4 for the y in the second equation), you get
x + (4x-6) = 14 and you can simplify
5x -6 = 14
Add 6 to both sides to maintain the equality
Divide by 5
Now plug 4 into one of the initial equations:
4 + y = 14   and solve
Subtract 4 from both sides and you get
y = 10
So the numbers are 4 and 10
Hope this helps