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question about applied research

trying to understand this question.
what is an example of applied research...
a.  studying the chemical structure of a substance
b.  using the knowledge of the chemical structure of a substance to develope a new drug
c.  carrying out a common chemical reaction
d.  all of these
I know that b is an answer, but I cannot rule out a or c yet

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Kathleen C. | Lively Science TutorLively Science Tutor
You are right - b is the correct answer.  The reason it is correct is because in this example knowledge about chemical structure is USED to create something - in this case a new drug. This is applied research. 
Examples a and c are basic research -- very important, because basic research makes applied research possible.  Basic research seeks to find out what, why, and how things happen.   Applied research then uses this information to make some sort of product or technology.