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I am not sure how to formlate this question. I wrote it but can't figure out the best way to come to the conclusion

Knowledge= change, knowledge x motivation = change, knowledge x motivation = change
If a substance abuse counselor has 6 clients and she is evaluating the responses to treatments by the formula above she could use K= knowledge, c= change, m = motivation and r= resistance
After a 4 week period she has evaluated all 6 clients and she wants to see how they have reacted to the treatment
In the 1 st week all 6 clients were ready to gain knowledge and change.
By the 2 nd week there were 2 clients who had the motivation but not the knowledge
In the 3rd week there were 3 clients that had the knowledge and motivation to change
In the 4 th week there were 2 clients who resisted, 3 clients who showed the knowledge, motivation and change. And 1 client who resisted and felt they didn’t need the treatment so they left the treatment
What would be the statistical outcome of the counselor’s study of her clients?

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