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if you have 2 gal of lemonade that is 20% sugar, how much 10% sugar lemonade would you add to make lemonade that is 14% sugar

This is a chemistry question:
Grandma wanted to make a big batch of lemonade for a family reunion. She knew she had two gallons of lemonade that were 20% sugar. She wanted the final product to be a little less sweet, so she mixed up several gallons of lemonade that were only 10% sugar. How much of the 10%-sugar lemonade should Grandma mix with the two gallons of 20%-sugar lemonade to end up with lemonade that is 14% sugar?

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Let the required gallons be x for the 10% sugar lemonade. 
Absolute amount of sugar in the new mixture = 0.1x + 0.2*1.4
Total gallons of the new mixture = x + 1.4
Required sugar% in the new mixture = 14%
(0.1*x + 0.2*1.4) / (x + 1.4)  = 0.14
0.1x + 0.28 = 0.14x + 0.196
0.04x = 0.084
x = 2.1