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The circumference of an imperfect shape

I have an imperfect shape and I need to know the circumference of half of it.

I am working on a computer programme which unfortunately does not allow you to measure curves, only straight lines and I need to fit one curved shapes circumference to match that of another curved shape.

If I can work out the radius and diameter of a shape (which I can do with straight lines) then should I be able to work out the circumference also?

Once I have worked out the circumference I then want to know how to increase/ decrease it so that both shapes circumferences are of the same value.

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I do not call the measurement of an imperfect shape perimeter or semi-perimeter a circumference because as of now for me the circumference is a perfect shape. What you are asking as I understand is how to approximate a circumference equation to measure a semi perimeter.
Once you have the way of knowing radius and obviously the diameter, you can create a model which will give you the circumference, plot this curve and make your best fit minimizing your error. The model for the circumference will be easy, y=2x∏xR or ∏xD being D or R your diameter or radius.
After you obtain the best fit model, you can try fitting constants to make your R squared as near to 1 as possible.
I hope I answered your question because it seems to me very imprecise.