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How many dusters, each 16 cm square can be cut from material 84 cm long, 36 cm wide? What area remains over?

Find the cost of the paper for the walls of the room if each piece of paper is 40 cm wide and 60 cm long : the room is 6 m long, 4 m wide, 3 m high and the cost of paper is Rs 1.40 per piece; allow 11 m square for doors, etc., and assume that a whole number of pieces has to be bought.

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For the second question, the number of 0.40 pieces that fit in the perimeter will be 15+15+10+10 = 50 pieces
and in the height will fit 5 pieces of 0.60 m long that will give 250 pieces minus the surface allowed for doors etc we will obtain 250 pieces minus 11/0.24(turning the allowed surface to pieces) = 45.8 pieces, I would say 48 pieces 250-48=202 pieces times 1.40 Rs. = 282.80 Rs total 
The first question was already solved, I agree with the solution. And the area that remains over is 0 m2
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For the first question, a 16 cm^2 piece would be 4 cm long and 4 cm wide. From an 84 cm long by 36 cm wide piece, you'll get nine 4cm pieces from the width as well as twenty one 4cm pieces from the length. 
21 * 9 = 189
You can cut 189 16 cm^2 pieces from the material.