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all sages provide both wisdom and insiration. since dasha's speech contain wisdom and greatly inspired her audience, dasha is a sage

all sages provide both wisdom and insiration. since dasha's speech contained wisdom and greatly inspired her audience dasha is a sage.which of the following points out the flaw in the argument above?
a)just because dasha is a sage doesn't mean that she is always wise and inspirational.
b)just because dasha's speech provide wisdom and inspiration doesn't mean that it provide more wisdom than inspiration.
c)just because dasha satisfied two requirements of being a sage doesn't mean that she satisfies all the requirements of being a sage.
d)just because dasha provide wisdom and insiration in a speech doesn't mean that all sages use speeches to provide wisdom and inspiration

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We can write the first statement as a conditional statement: "If you are a sage, Then you provide wisdom and inspiration."  Assume this statement is true.
The flaw in the second is assuming that the converse is true, which is generally not necessarily the case. Just because you are wise and provide inspiration, doesn't mean you're a may be some other type of person...although if you are a sage, you will certainly provide these gifts (and presumably more).
We can illustrate the statement via a Venn Diagram in which "Wisdom and Inspiration" is a larger circle with a subset circle as "being a sage."
So in other words, just because Dasha satisfied both requirements, doesn't mean she satisfies all reqs t be a sage.