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How many numbers, between 1 and 55 inclusive leave a remainder of 4 when divided by 5?

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1 Answer

Find all numbers between 1 and 55 that are divisible by 5 and then add 4 to each number.
9,14,19,24,29,34,39,44,49,54,59(59 can't be used because it's greater than 55)
Another solution...
Find all numbers divisible by 5 and then subtract 1 from each number.
4(can't be used because no number less than 4 is divisible by 5 except 0),9,14,19,24,29,34,39,44,49,54


But if you divide 4 by 5, won't you get 0, with a remainder of 5?  I can see your reasoning, but was thinking that 4 is a number between 1 and 55.
Kevin, You're absolutely right. I overlooked that. When you divide 4 by 5 you get 0 with a remainder of 4, so 4 would be one of the numbers. My first solution, "find all numbers between 1 and 55..." made me not think of 0.
Zero obviously is a multiple of 5 but isn't between 1 and 55, so that's what threw me off track. Thanks for correcting me. I hope the student saw your correction.
Arthur D.