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Need help with statistic Question (Please Show all steps)

The winner of the 2008-2009 NBA championship was the LA Lakers. One starting lineup for that team is shown in the following table:
Player                                           Position                                                           Height (in.)

Trevor Ariza (T)                               Forward                                                                  80
Kobe Bryant (K)                               Center                                                                   78
Andrew Bynum (A)                           Guard                                                                    84
Derek Fisher (D)                              Guard                                                                    73
Pau Gasol (P)                                  Forward                                                                  84

a. Find the population mean height of the five players.
b. For samples of size 4, construct a table similar to Table 7.3 on page 299.
c. For a random sample size of 4, what is the chance that the sample mean will equal the population mean?

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Insufficient information
For a., do you assume that the population has FIVE members?
For b;, what is Table 7.3?  Which page 299 are you talking about?
For c., is the random sample with or without replacement?