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A jacket usually sells for $61.00. If the jacket is 20% off, and sales tax is 8%, what is the total price of the jacket, including tax?

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1 Answer

Finding percentages can be confusing but you just have to remember that what you are doing when finding x% is multiplying by the fraction x/100.  In this case 20% = 20/100 = 1/5, so you can simply divide 61 by 5 (12.2), and this is the amount that will be discounted.  Therefore the price of the jacket before tax is 48.8.  Now you need to find 8% of this and again it is simply the fraction 8/100 = 2/25.  So find 48.8*2 = 87.6 and divide by 25, getting roughly 3.5(after rounding to the nearest hundredth).  Hence the final price of the jacket will be 48.8+3.5 = 52.3
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