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solving inequalities/graphing

x<=6 the first thing i do is make this x=6 this is a vertical line which you plot by drawing a line from the six up..this should be easy...
next one is y>=1..y=1 wouldnt this be a horizontal line on the plan which you plot from 1?
the next one is 2x-y>=-1 first thing i do is solve for x by making 4 zero so 2x =-1/x=-1/2 so the set is (-1/2,0)
then i solve for -y =-1 which when i am done with all the negatives is y=1 which gives the set (0,1)
the book graphs these points as (6,1) (0,1) and (6,13) what the heck?


Are you still having trouble with this problem?
it finally has sunk in...its all about where everything ends up intersecting and thats what i was missing..thank you so much..sorry i didnt get back,school,life...
have a great night!

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