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why was the 13th amendment important?

for US history I need to know why the 13th amendment was important.

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The 13th Amendment was important because it created a constitutional amendment that banned slavery in ALL of the American states. The Emancipation Proclamation, although frequently credited for abolishing slavery in the United States, only declared slavery illegal in "rebelling" parts of America - so basically within the Confederacy. States fighting for the Union who had slavery systems (Maryland, West Virginia, East Tennessee) were not required to free their slaves. The passage of the 13th Amendment addressed this issue and formally outlawed slavery in the territorial US.  
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The 13th Amendment to the US Constitution outlaws slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. 

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the 13h amendment is not just important it tells us that us black folks have the right to do anything


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In ended a moral wrong in this country of viewing people as property, it also helped to pushed an eventual understanding of equality between blacks and whites. It was small step but an important one.  

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Because it ended slavery in the United States once and for all. It completed what Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation started and what the various Special Field Orders from Union general during the Civil War continued. It essentially codified in law what had increasingly become the case in reality.

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The 13th Amendment created a constitutional law that made slavery illegal following Lincoln's proclamation after the civil war with the south. Without this change to the U.S. Constitution, some might believe they could legally return to owning slaves and that Lincoln's decree was only temporary. 


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Factually, it did not "outlaw," abolish" or make "slavery" illegal, because "slavery," was never the issue, rather "Bondage," such as a Bail Bond/Security Bond, as the United States commenced as a penal colony; nor did Lincoln "free" anybody. Legally, "Emancipation" means "to sell" and Lincoln wrote two proclamations, not one (See the Lincoln Papers). "To Free" would be "Manumission," which is explained in the second Proclamation, as Lincoln was a Lawyer and used legal terms, not lay terms. The idea) was McClellan's to confiscate the Wardens (Manorial) convicts and force them into military service (Conscription) in order to secure a win for the Federation (See the McClellan Papers). Later, the Supreme Court declared Lincoln's act illegal, because he did it when Congress was not in session, so they shot him. The government classifies vagrants of "lesser" status (poverty of any color), which remains a criminal offense in this country. Apparently, none of the above "scholars" studied the era, nor saw the movie "Lincoln."  Stevenson took the bill home after the vote and gave it to his African American wife (factually true) and she read it aloud..."A bill to ratify the 1st Amendment to the Constitution."....They didn't even read it before they voted and the 13th Amendment has yet to be ratified. Congress tried again in 1984 and President Reagan vetoed it. Research the history of slavery and you will find it is now called "Taxation."

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First off Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth, who was a theatre performer. Second the man that took the bill him to the woman was his maid, who she had a relationship with because he saw that they were equal.
Third is amendment was to stop slavery and make it to where all men were equal like it says in the Declaration of Independence all men are created equal
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The 13th Amendment abolished slavery; however, it was not until 13th Amendment that became the preface for the 14th Amendment, which in simple words enforced the 13th Amendment