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I like someone. What should I do?

So I'm a girl and I never thought that I was bi until I met this one girl a few years ago. We're sort of friends even though we rarely talk but I feel like I say the stupidest things. I have no idea why I even like her and it makes me feel really stupid. I'm pretty sure that she won't ever give me a chance to go out with her cause she's way too good for me. She's bi too.

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This is a place for homework help so I don't think anyone will or should give you the answers you want since we are not professionals at it.
You should seek out a trusted adult to talk to. Maybe a teacher, friend of the family, counselor, minister, possibly even your parents.  Talk to more than one if you can and you may get different ideas to think about. Realize that different adults may have very different ideas about your situation.
Ask at your school - a guidance counselor, social worker, psychologist, adjustment counselor, or trusted teacher.  Maybe there is a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) at your school and you could ask the faculty leader or someone in the group.  You could even go to a meeting.  I know one student in my old school who went to GSA meetings because he liked to get out of 1st period and go to their breakfasts, and as a bonus he made some friends there too.  GSA is, as its name says, for both gay and straight to get together to understand and help each other.  Is there a teacher that displays a red ribbon on their book bag or somewhere in the classroom? These are 'safe' people to talk to and would have been given the ribbon by the school psychologist or social worker.