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What are the coordinates of the vertices of the figure?

The figure is a rectangle STOW with O being the center of origin and base b and height h. I have looked at some examples but this has me stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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So, here's your figure. Imagine that O is at the origin. 
That means that O is at the coordinate (0,0)
since the base is b, then you know that the distance between O and W is b. Thus, the x coordinate for W is the x-coor of O (which is 0) PLUS b. So, the x-coordinate of W is b. The y-coor of P would be the same as the y-coor of O, since they are at the same height. So, the coordinate of the vertex at W is (b,0).
By similar reasoning, you see that the T coordinates are (0,h). And finally, S is at (b,h).

I hope I am properly interpreting your question.