Phoebe K.

asked • 01/13/13

Solve the quadratic formula when a=5, b=12, and c=3 and also solve it with a=3, b=-5, and c=-9

I'm trying to solve the quadratic formula with these numbers, but my answers always ended up not being whole numbers. Can you solve it for me and tell me what you get? 

Herb K.


quadratic equation:  a(x^2) + bx + c = 0

quadratic formula:  x = [-b +/-square_root(b^2 - 4ac)]/(2a)

so, that with a = 5; b = 12; c = 3;

we have: 

x = [-12 +/-square_root(12^2 - 4*5*3]/(2*5) 

   = [-12 +/-square_root(144-60)]/10

    = [-12 +/-square_root(84)]/10

similarly for a = 3; b = -5; and c = -9



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John M. answered • 01/14/13

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