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write an equation in slope-intercept form, for the line that passes through the points (3,2) and 3,-5)

homework please help!!!!!

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This particular answer works out to be undefined because it is a straight line and there is no slope and no equation for it. I will show you how to work it out though so you will know how to do it with other problems. We will still be using the y = mx + b formula. First step is to find m. In order to find the slope we would use the equation:

m = (y2 - y1) / (x2 - x1) Note: The number behind the letter designates which x or y value you will use of the 2 (x, y) plots

m = (-5 - 2) / (3 - 3)

m = -7 / 0 Note: A number divided by 0 is undefined which means your slope is undefined

Since your slope is undefined your equation would be x = 3 because your x values are both 3.


Now let's assume your second (x, y) plot was actually (-3, -5).

m = (-5 - 2) / (-3 - 3)

m = -7 / - 6 Note: A negative divided by a negative is a positive. The negatives cancel each other out.

m = 7/6

Okay now back to our slope-intercept formula.

y = 7/6x + b

Now in order to figure out what b is, we will again take the plot point and plug the values into the equation. You can use either point because either way the answer will come out the same. In this case we will use (3, 2).

2 = 7/6(3) + b

2 = 21/6 + b Note: The easiest way to do the next part is to make the 2 into a fraction over 6

12/6 - 21/6 = b

-9/6 = b or -3/2

So now all we have to do is plug this value into our equation.

y = 7/6x - 3/2