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Earth Science c/o oceanic

1.  all adults almost all reefbuilding corals are sessile. this means that the reef building corals are
a.  emergents
b.  succulents
c. stay in one place
d.  feed on the ocean floor
2.  which of the following is the most important producer of food in the oceanic zone?
a.  phytoplankton
b.   zooplankton
c.  coral reefs
d.  kelp
3.  portable water comes mainly from
a.  aquilfers
b.  standing water
c.  marshlands
d.  rivers
4.  the brackish water of estuaries does not support a diversity of marine life
true or false
5.  the waters in an ocean are coldest in the neritic zone
true or false


Sorry, L, but we aren't going to take your test for you. Do you have a concept that you need help with?
You could have just given the answers with an explanation to help her out. Is that really a big deal? Explain things to people. Don't just tell them that they need to do it themselves. Explain the answers. Why do you think people go to the internet for help? Don't be that person.

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