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The yield for strawberries is 87%. A pint of strawberries costs $1.92. How much would 1 cup of cleaned strawberries cost?

Culinary math


well culinary math the formula for edible portion costs is 
edible portion cost (epc) = (apc)  
                                                 yield %

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A pint is two cups, so per cup the strawberries cost $0.96; 87% of this would be 83.52 cents, which should round to 84 cents. This probably what the problem is looking for, however:
The above calculation doesn't acount for the difference between the dry pint and the liquid pint - the liquid pint is bigger by 16.4% but there is no "dry cup." This would make the cup 43% of a dry pint instead of one half (50%), yielding a cost of 71.83 cents which rounds to 72 cents.
Hope this helps!