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How many millilitres of 4.5 M HCL are needed to neutralize 25 mL of .8 M NaOH?

I'm also stuck on some other problems just like it. Could I have some simple step-by-steps, please? Thank you so much.

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Since you are trying to find the point of equivalence here, you can just use M1V1=M2V2. Plug in the values and you should get the answer.
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The first step is to find the reaction. In this case Hcl is a direct source of h+ ions and Naoh, OH- ions. When combined theyneutralize to form h2o and salt NaCl, which in case balances. But otherwise we would have to assign coefficients to get exactly the right number or hydrogen, chloride, sodium and oxygen moleculs before doing anything. 
then find the hydroxide moles oh-. In this case it is .025(.8) where M means mole per liter. We want the equivalent of moles hcl so divide .025*.8 by 4.5 mols per liter to get liters HCl.
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