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A summer pass costs $18. Jim saved $12. Which fraction of the swimming pass does Jim still need?

how do i go about answering this question ? I know the asnwer is 1/3, but how do i get that and not 1/6



Remember that 18 is the demoninator and you will be less likely to come up with 1/6 for an answer.

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Since Jim saved $12, he still needs to pay $18-$12 = $6. 6/18 = 1/3 <==Answer

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So far jim has $12 out of the total $18 he needs for the pass.  So what is the fraction of money he has now?  It will be 12/18 which reduces down to 2/3.  Therefore, Jim has 2/3 of the amount and now needs 1/3 more to reach 18 dollars.  (1/3) x 18 = 6 dollars.