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72 is what percent of 480? Write and solve an equation to solve the problem.

I just need help with a question.

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For this question all we simply do is divide 72 by 480. This will give us the decimal .15. The decimal can be converted from here to percent by being multiplied by 100. .15*100=15%.

So 72 is 15% of 480.

Another way this can be solved is to divide 480 by 100%. This will show us what 1% of 480 is. All we do then, is divide the number who's percent we're trying to find, in this case 72, and we get our answer in percent.

480u/100%=4.8u/% (The u is a unit place holder just so you can see more accurately how this is done. The 4.8u/% can be read as 4.8 unites per percent)


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The way my math teacher had us remember a jingle to do percents. It goes:


What % of Total Amount is how much The Part. Based off that equation is:

% x Total = P

Now, fill in the parts:
% x 480 = 72

Now for the math portion:

0.15 x 100 = 15%

Based off that 15% of 480 is 72

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When you can't remember even a basic equation like the one listed below, make up your own much simpler problem and see if you can deduce the underlying relationship between the simpler numbers in order to apply your understanding to the actual problem.

For example, "2 is what percent of 4?" Well, 2 is half of 4 (2 out of 4 is equivalent to 1 out of 2), so 2 is 50% of 4. If you "see" that 2/4 = 1/2 = 0.50 = 50% then you understand the underlying relationship between the 2 and 4 in this particular problem and can now extrapolate to the actual problem.

Now, how must the 72 be related to the 480 in the original problem? As a fraction(72/480). Divide and conquer!

72 divided by 480 = 0.15 = 15/100 = 15%.

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Many percentage problems like this one can be worked if you remember a basic equation:

[Whole Value] x [percentage in decimal form] = [Partial value]

In this case, we know the "Whole value" (480) and the "Partial Value" (72).  This gives us an equation with only one unknown, the percentage.  If I were to plug in the values we know and replace [percentage in decimal form] with "x", the equation would look like this:


Now we can solve this using basic algebra.  Since x is being multiplied by 480, we need to divide both sides by 480.

x=72/480 = 0.15 = 15%


The answer is 15%

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72 = x% * 480

72 = (x/100) * 480

Solve for x you'll get the answer. If you need further help, you can ask. Myself or any other tutor will be glad to help you.


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Answer: 72 is 15% of 480

the way to find a percentage is to divide the part by the whole. in this case we want to divide 72 (the part) by 480 ( the whole)

so 72 / 480 = 0.15

now, to put it into percentage we multiply the answer by 100 so,

0.15 x 100 = 15%