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How do i work out the problem : negative 5/44 x 80/3 x 11/5

I'm in intermediate algebra and am on the chapter Properties and real numbers, needing help with a problem.
How do I work out the problem: negative 5/44 x 80/3 x 11/5?

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Assuming that you are multiplying fractions together, you should multiply all the numerators (top number) together, (-5 x 80 x 11), and leave it as the numerator of your answer while you multiply all the denominators (bottom numbers) together, (44 x 3 x 5) and put that as the bottom part of the fraction.  Then you have to see if it can be reduced (both the numerator and denominator can be divided by the same number... in this case, it can... by several numbers).  If you get all that together, it should work out well.  If not, let me know :-)


the answer is - 20/3...I multiplied all the numerators and denominators, and get huge numbers..isn't there an easier way? like reduce first then multiply?
If you can recognize reductions beforehand, yes, you can absolutely reduce it... like the fives on top and bottom for example.  They cancel each other out so it becomes -1 x 80 x 11 over 44 x 3 x 1.  You could also recognize that 80 and 44 are both divisible by four, and cancel them down to 20 and 11, making the problem -1x20x11 over 11x3x1.  Then you can see that the elevens also cancel out to make it -1x20x1 over 1x3x1.  That is the easier way, provided you recognize those similar factors.  Hope it helps :-)