Angela D.

asked • 12/21/12

How come you could not simply just subtract 23 from 45 to get the answer?

Im just asking a question. 

John R.

I don't know what the original question is, so I can't tell you why you cannot get the answer.

If the question is 45 - 23, then you can just subtract them and get the answer (22).



Rizul N.


I agree. You must have a question accompanying this subquestion because if you are just subtracting 23 from 45, by the laws of all math I know, you certainly can do that. Hopefully, you'll come around and add more detail to this one so that we can help you out. 



Christopher B.

Like John R. and Rizul N. have already said, we cannot answer this question because you did not give us the original problem. Come back here and post the original problem and one of us will be glad to help you.



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