Hannah F.

asked • 05/17/17

How do you find x in a triangle when they ask at least how large the number represented by x must be

I'm homeschooled. I have a Saxon math work book but I cant get the teacher's book yet, and I don't really have a teacher... I figure things out myself. Anyway I sort of skipped a grade because we didn't have the book, so I'm sure I missed a thing or two... So in the warm ups I've run into a road block that I have to skip over every school day when it appears because I can't figure out how to solve it. It's a picture of a flat triangle with the measures of two sides written and then an, 'x' on the third side. Mind you... these are NOT right triangles. So... to give an example there is one place where the sides are 13, 9, and x. Every time it asks the question, "x must be more than what number?" ... please Help. I don't know the answer.

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