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whats 35% as a fraction or mixed number in simpliest form and as a decimal

hello! i cant understand this problem, please help me?

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2 Answers

When you write a percent as a decimal, all you do is move the decimal point two spots back. So 75% is .75. 43% is .43. 22% is .22. Now, for 50%, the decimal point is behind the zero, so 50% as a fraction would be .5 5% as a decimal would be .05.

Now, you try to express 35% as a decimal

First of all, percent means per 100. So 50% is 50 per 100 or 50/100. If you reduce this fraction you get 1/2.

Now as a decimal, one tenth, or 1/10 is 0.1 and one hundredth, or 1/100 is 0.01. 50/100 is 0.50, and 72/100 is 0.72

Now you try to express 35% as a fraction, and as a decimal.