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show how you arrives at the answer simplify completely 2[4(x+y) - 3(6x-15y)]

Please show the work all the way to the very answer if like terms then show the work to the very end.. thanks

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2[4(x+y) - 3(6x-15y)]
The order of operations --> PEMDAS
P = operations within Parentheses
E = Exponents
M = Multiplication
D = Division
A = Addition
S = Subtraction
First distribute the 4 across the (x+y) and the 3 across the (6x - 15y)
2[4x + 4y -18x + 45y]
Next do the addition and subtraction of like terms within the brackets [ ]
2[4x - 18x + 45y + 4y]
2[-14x + 49y]
Finally, distribute (multiply) the 2 across the terms inside the bracket and you'll have your answer.