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is virus hollow? Is it like a balloon with nuclear material inside or like an egg with yolk(represent the nuclear material)?

Virus consists of strand of nuclear material and protein coat. Im not clear with that if virus is hollow or not?

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Caitin: note that nothing will be 'hollow' in the sense I believe you mean it--in most cases in biology, any 'space' is occupied by water. In a virus head, the DNA will be packed as tightly as possible. Here are some pages/images that might help you get a sense of things:
One of my favorite images is on the following page; it show the bacterial virus 'T4' and all the DNA that spews out when you crack open the 'head'
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Virus is a tiny microscopic particle smaller than one cell, it does not even have a nucleus like a bacterial cell. In biology books it is represented as hexagonal creature, it has naked genetic material(RNA or DNA) and not a chromosome. Viral coat is made of proteins and there are some proteins inside virus, some of them make a virus virulent implying that they impart virus with the property of virulence (ability to cause infection). Virus need host to replicate and grow. It is too tiny and too simple to have egg yolk.
Hope you got some clarity, please post again or ask if you need further information.