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To prove something using the given

if 2tan^2a tan^2b tan^2c+tan^2atan^2b+tan^2btan^2c+tan^2a+tan^c=1 prove that sin^2a + sin^2b + sin^2c=1
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1 Answer

2(tan2 a)(tan2 b)(tan2 c) + (tan2 a)(cot2 b) + (tan2 b)(tan2 c) + (tan2 a) + tanc = 1
Just thought I should make sure the last term, tan c, is correctly written since everything else was squared, and didn't involve the unknown as the exponent. I'm guessing you meant tan2 c.


Ya mam you are right the last term is tan^2c
But I want to tell u something if u dont mind  the second term is tan^2a tan^2b its not tan^2a cot^2b
Sorry for typing error