Daisy R.

asked • 03/24/14

Which of these statements shows an acknowledgement of a counterclaim to her position?

In a speech delivered at the Grocery Manufacturers Association Conference, Michelle Obama made this claim:
"And we need you not just to tweak around the edges, but to entirely rethink the products that you're offering, the information that you provide about these products, and how you market those products to our children.
That starts with revamping or ramping up your efforts to reformulate your products, particularly those aimed at kids, so that they have less fat, salt, and sugar, and more of the nutrients that our kids need."
Which of these statements shows an acknowledgement of a counterclaim to her position? 
A)"A recent survey by the FDA shows that the vast majority of Americans rely on labels to help them decide what foods to buy. But we know those labels aren't always as helpful as they could be. And it's hard enough to figure out whether any one food item is healthy."
B)"So we need you all to step it up. We all need to step up in this country. This is a shared responsibility. That's why I've gone to parents and I've asked them to do their part. They have a responsibility to watch what their kids eat and teach good habits. I've asked medical professionals to do their part."
C)"And I understand that this is easier said than done. This doesn't happen overnight. We all know that human beings-I, for one, know-are hard-wired to crave sugary, fatty, salty foods. And it is tempting to take advantage of that-to create products that are sweeter, richer, and saltier than ever before."
D)"But what it doesn't mean is taking out one problematic ingredient, only to replace it with another. While decreasing fat is certainly a good thing, replacing it with sugar and salt isn't. And it doesn't mean compensating for high amounts of problematic ingredients with small amounts of beneficial ones."

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Eric Y. answered • 03/24/14

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Daisy R.

Yes c seems to be the answer because she is saying that she understand that its not easy to change theire eating habbits.
Thank yooouu :)


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