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need help its in description

The essay below lacks details at certain key spots in its three supporting paragraphs. In the spaces provided at the bottom, write in the numbers of the five sentences after which more details are needed.

       Leaving Home
 1 Everyone must leave the protection of the nest sooner or later. 2 Whether young adults leave for college or rent a first apartment, they are certain to encounter problems during this transitional period. 3 Young people on their own must learn to handle their own finances, take responsibility for their lives, and cope with loneliness.

4 Being independent means dealing with money problems. 5 First of all, a young person has to learn to stick to a budget. 6 Another part of becoming a financial grown-up is being disciplined enough to save money for emergencies. 7 Putting money aside, instead of spending it instantly, takes maturity and planning. 8 But a rainy-day fund in the bank can take the panic out of unexpected expenses that may occur. 9 A young person must also work at building a good credit record. 10 Without good credit, buying a car or a piece of furniture becomes nearly impossible. 11 And the price of missing loan payments is high; bad credit references can haunt people for years.

12 Second, young adults are faced with taking responsibility for many aspects of their personal lives—perhaps for the first time. 13 They must learn to meet daily obligations, without being prodded by parents or teachers. 14 Young people must also take responsibility for household chores. 15 Suddenly, there is no one to wash dishes, make beds, clean toilets, or do the laundry for them. 16 Putting off the chores becomes very inconvenient after a while; there are no clean clothes, and dishes have to be scraped off and reused. 17 The realization that there’s no one else to do the chores can sometimes be a shock. 18 A third important responsibility young people confront is learning to look after their own health.

19 Finally, young adults must learn to cope with loneliness. 20 The everyday kind of loneliness can be very painful. 21 Coming home to an empty apartment, with only a television for company, may give someone an empty, aching feeling. 22 But a young person can feel lonely surrounded by other people, too. 23 Sometimes, a campus filled with students or a dorm room with two other roommates in it can be a lonely place. 24 There is another kind of loneliness, even sharper, that young people must live with: spending certain special days alone.

25 Leaving home is a major transition in life. 26 Losing touch with familiar faces and settings, even temporarily, can be very difficult. 27 However, all the problems young adults face are necessary ones. 28 Learning to fly means taking risks and acquiring new skills.

Complete the following: The spots in the first supporting paragraphs where more details are needed occur after sentences number _____ and _____; the spots in the second supporting paragraph where more details are needed occur after sentences number _____ and _____; the spot in the third supporting paragraph where more details are needed occurs after sentence number _____.

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