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what is the operation for combining like terms

i dont understand is it just one or more operations


Gustavo, it would probably be helpful if you presented some examples of the types of problems you are working on.  Are you not understanding what a like term is, or just how to combine, or do you have something a little more complex?

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Let's say you have  7(2x - 4) + (7 + 5x)
Combining like terms needs to be done after when you have expanded the terms in the brackets:
you will multiply (2x - 4) by 7 to get  14x - 28
then try to combine the like terms in this form
14x -28 + (7 + 5x)
14x - 28 + 7 + 5x
5x and 14x are like terms so as well as 7 and - 28
now we have
14x + 5x  +7 - 28
Solving this we get:
19x -21
I hope this helps.