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how to find this answer using formulation.graphical and primal simplex method???

A tailor can produce ‘’baju kurung’’ and ‘’baju melayu’’ from a single roll of cloth measuring 36 meters a week. A baju kurung uses 6 meters and a baju melayu uses 4 meters of material. Both baju kurung and baju melayu take 6 hours each to be completed. Baju kurung sells for a profit of RM 50 and baju melayu RM 60. If the tailor works for up to 49 hours a week, determine the number each dress that should be produced in order to maximize her profits.a) Formulate the problem as integer programming problemb) Use graphical solution to obtain the optimal linear programming solution

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If each takes 6 hours, then in a 49-hour week, she can make 8 and a fraction (rounded to 8) items per week

But she has a limit of 36 M of cloth per week, = either 6 baju kurung (at 6 M each) or 9 baju melayu (at 4 M each).  Since both the profit margin (RM60) and the number she can make (8 in 49 hours) is highest for the baju melayu, then she should only make those, for a total weekly profit of 8 x 60RM = 480RM.