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word problem figuring out percentage of teams total points

olga currently leads the 8th grade girls team in scoring with a total of 50  points.  Thomas leads the 8th grade boys team with a total of 52 points.  which player should get the midseason MVP award based on their percentage of their team's total points?  girls total 147   boys total 230


thank you.  another question.  the class is working on mean, median, and mode.  what does this word problem have to do with mean, median, or mode?
Do you know the scores of the other team members? To find the mean, median, or mode, we would need to know how many boys and girls there are, and their respective scores. The mean is an average that takes the total scores (147 for the girls, for example) and divides it by the total number of girls. The median is the middle score in the list, and the mode would be the score that appears most often in the list.
All we calculated so far was the percentage of total points.
Do you have more information? Thanks!

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Laurel M. |
Olga should win the midseason MVP. Her 50 points are 34.01% of the girls' total:  50 / 147 , vs. Thomas, who has 22.61% of the boys' total points:  52 / 230 .