Louai H.

asked • 04/04/17

How do you do this?

An employment agency sells its services to companies for a fixed rate of $2,500 plus a commission of 42% of its sales. To cover the agency's expenses, it needs to earn at least $8,800 a month.

Write an inequality that, when solved, will give the amount of sales the agency needs to cover its expenses.

Part A
Inequality __________________

Part B
Graph the inequality on the number line


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Andrew M. answered • 04/04/17

Mathematics - Algebra a Specialty / F.I.T. Grad - B.S. w/Honors

Louai H.

But the number on the right is 8800 not 8000 like you put in your response but nonetheless I know how to do it now.


Andrew M.

Good.  Sorry for the miscopy.
Best of luck.


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