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how can i solve this equationa ?6x+y=-5

how can I solve this equation 6x+y=-5

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Lakiesha, here are 3 answers.  
The first answer, assuming that there is no more information in this problem, is that there are an infinite number of solutions.  Let's say x = 1:  6(1) +y = -5, so y = -11.  But if you say that x = 2, then 6(2) + y = -11, so y = 23.  Every time you change the value of x, plug it in and you get a new value for y.
The second answer is that you can solve for the value of x OR y, but only in terms of the other variable, by isolating the variable.  So, for instance,  y = -6x-5 (I just subtracted 6x from each side of the equation to isolate the y variable.)
The third answer is that you can solve for x and y if you know the value of either x or y, OR if you have another equation with x and y to work with.  Since I can't see whether this is so, I can't give you a solution.