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find the number of weaving errors in a 20 by 10 foot rug

Find the number of weaving errors in a 20 by 10foot rug. What is the probability of finding at least 3 errors in the rug??? 
this is all the information given. The chapter is on discrete random variables and binomial distribution 


Hi Tara;
How many knots-per-inch?
What percentage of knots have errors?
that is all the information I have been given. That is why I can't figure it out

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I do believe if you aren't given a p that you're supposed to use .5.  I'm not sure that I'm applying this rule on the correct subject, but does that sound familiar to you?


I just realized you don't have an N either.  I don't suppose they mean errors in a foot?  i.e. out of 200?  (That's a little weird but it's all I can think of.)