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if the length of each side of a triangle is 4 centimeters, what is the number of centimeters in the length of an altitude to a side?

30, 60, 90 degree angles of a triangle. Opposite sides

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The answer by Sydur R. is correct. However, another key in this problem is to figure out the kind of triangle you have. What is also important is that an altitude is always perpendicular to the opposite side giving you a right angle (Pythagorean theorem) to work with. This might help you.

Equilateral = length of side * (√3)/2

Right = (length of side a * length of side b) / length of side c


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if all three sides are equal in length, it must be an equilateral triangle

the altitude of any equilateral triangle is the product of the SIDE LENGTH and (√3)/2

therefore, the answer to this problem is (4)·(√3)/2 = 2√3 cm exactly