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If I have product A sold 75,000 pieces, and product B 30,000 pieces. How do I get ratio 5:2. I can't come out of formula.

I need a formula to calculate the ratio equiling 5/2 for the above 

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The ratio would be (Number of Product A Sold) / (Number of Product B Sold):
            75,000       5 x 15000        5
Ratio = ---------  = -----------  =     ---   =  2.5
            30,000       2 x 15000        2


Thank you for the response. Is there an EXCEL formula that can define this and show it as the ratio 5:2?
Put 75000 into cell A1 and 30000 into cell A2.  In cell A3 put the following formula =TEXT(A1/A2,"?/?").  It will compute the ratio (A1/A2) and display it as a ratio vice a number, e.g. 5/2.  Note that the cell is formatted as text, so you can't use the number for math operations.  If you need the ratio for math, put =A1/A2 into cell A4 - it will display as a number that you can use in math operations.
There is also a cell format "fraction", but it displays 5/2 as a mixed number 2 1/2.