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grew from 2035 ft squared to 2469 ft squared. what is the percent of increase

A median sized new single family home grew from 2035 ftto 2469 ft2. What is the percent of increase 
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2 Answers

           You can determine the percentage of increase ( or decrease) by setting up a simple proportion and then cross multiplying. The formula is:
difference between starting point and ending point/starting point = percentage/100 if you plug your numbers into this formula you would have:
434/2035 = x/100
you then cross multiply 2035x = 43400  ( you should be able to take it from here )
you then divide each side by 2035 to determine the value of x
you can use this method for any percentage of change problem
I hope this helps
2469 - 2035  =0 . 175779668 = 17.6 %   
Shifting decimal point twice to the right (multiplying by 100) , and % = 0.01 = 1/100 ( dividing by 100)