Stef D.

asked • 02/24/14

stats question

A family consisting of three people-P1,P2,andP3-belongs to a medical clinic that always has a physician at each of stations 1,2 and 3. During a certain week, each memeber of the family visists the clinic exactly once and is randomly assigned to a station. One experimental outcome is (1,2,1) which means that P1 is assigned to station 1, P2 is assigned to station 2, and P3 is assigned to station 1. i) List the 27 possible outcomes. ii) List all outcomes in the event A that all three people go to the same station. iii) List all outcomes in the event B, that all three people go different stations. iv) List all outcomes in the event C, that no one goes to station 2. v) Identify outcomes in each of the following events: Bc, Cc, A ∪ B, A ∩ B, A ∩ C.

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