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What's a good thesis statement for a "To Kill A Mockingbird" essay on morality shown through characters?

I need a good thesis statement.


If you'll take a shot at writing a thesis statement, I'll be happy to give you some feedback! 

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How about this: Atticus Finch is a model citizen, and model lawyer, in all his action he models the virtuous life to his children.   (Phew!)

You could explore:

Is he naturally a moral man, or does he act for his children?

What kind of citizen do we need in our democracy and does he embody those qualities?

What moral lesson do the children learn by reading to the drug addict? I can't remember her name. (It's not as simple as "don't use drugs.")

these are the questions I still think about when I remember that fantastic book.


Is he self-conascious about this teachinjg

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What sort of moral positions in the story (or in general) are you interested in assessing?  That may help you to think about what you want your thesis to be about.

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Go to and search for thesis statement.  This should help you get started.