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manfred has hiked 119 2\7

the trail 119 miler long it beging in city a and end in the city b manfred has 2\7 of the trail before how many miles has he hiked


Also, in the title to the question you wrote 119 2\7, by which I'll assume you meant 119 2/7. But that means 119+2/7, not 119*2/7, which is what you meant in the description. (* means multiply)
This is why in higher level math mixed fractions are almost NEVER used; they're too prone to misinterpretation. It's the only place in math where an unspecified arithmetic operator does not mean multiply. Improper fractions are preferred. If you have to write a mixed number write it with a + between the numbers, e.g., 119+2/7.

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Hi Jessica;
The numerators are 119 and 2.
The denominators are 1 and 7.
We may notice that 119/7=17
Let's replace 119 with 17, and let's replace 7 with 1.
Manfred has hiked 34 miles.